Jesus of Nazareth


True Peace

The Authority of the Church

The Church, the State and the Irish Constitution

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See also: Pope Pius XII’s Address on the Irish Constitution

Latin in the New Liturgy

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Church and Stage

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Belfast and the Bible


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See also: Questions Posed by Belfast Protestants at Clonard Missions (1949-’59)

The Mormons


Ireland’s Peril


Militant Atheism: Soviet Russia Prepares New Offensive


See also: Communism – A Will O’ The Wisp
Science under Communism’ in The Irish Rosary, July-August, 1955
Irish Hierarchy’s Statement on the Persecution of the Church in Poland (1953)
The Anti-God Front of Bolshevism
The Land of Make Believe
Marx the Man: An Idol with Feet of Clay
Indo-China: Catholic and Communist’ in The Irish Monthly, May, 1953
Communism and the Home
Communism and Religion
Modern Communism
The Theory and Objective of Bolshevism
Communism from the Inside
A Christian Alternative to Communism and Fascism by Rev. Con Lucey, later Bishop of Cork and Ross
Bishop Daniel Cohalan on the Persecution of the Church in Eastern Europe

Medieval Christianity


St Anthony of Padua


The Church Christ Founded


The Witnesses of Jehovah


Preaching Christ Crucified


The Monastic Inquisition


The Contained Economy: An Interpretation of Medieval Economic Thought


Christian Order, October, 1961


The Church and the Workingman


The Bible is a Catholic Book


Membership of the Mystical Body




Legal Disabilities of the Catholic Church in Ireland

Note: the author was appointed Bishop of Galway and Kilmacduagh in 1937. See also his 1939 anti-Nazi pastoral The Worship of the State, his introductory pamphlet on the Commission on Vocational Organisation (he was chair of the Commission) and his statement on the prosecution of Bishop Pietro Fiordelli (1958).

The Sacrifice of the Mass


The Drink Question


The Rights and Duties of Labour


May I Keep Company?


Capharnaum and the Eucharist


Fair and Accurate? : The Pro-Life Amendment and the Irish Media

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Differences between the English Penny Catechism of 1958 with the 1971 Revision


The Irish Messenger of the Sacred Heart, May, 1954

See also: The Messenger Question Box (No. 1 and 2)

The Holy Angels of God

The Scandal of Maynooth (1973)

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This superb special issue of Approaches magazine from October, 1973, was given over by its founding editor Hamish Fraser to ‘The Scandal of Maynooth’ and detailed the descent of Ireland’s National Seminary into modernist anarchy. It was widely reported in the Irish newspapers at the time and provoked a lively correspondence in the Irish Independent’s letters section. A copy was sent to every Irish bishop, who predictably (and tragically) ignored its warnings. I am immensely grateful to Hamish’s son, Tony Fraser, for very kindly sending me this copy on my request. Tony is editor of Apropos, which is the successor magazine to Approaches. Please consider subscribing or donating to the magazine here. Good traditional Catholic periodicals such as Apropos deserve our support.

See also: Leading Maynooth Theologian Decries Disintegration of the Irish Church

Note: This Maynooth magazine from 1951 published an article (pp. 75-80) by Hamish Fraser entitled ‘Where is Britain Going?’. The magazine gives an insight into a very different Maynooth (and a very different Ireland).

Irish Spirituality

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See also: Our Mass, Our Life: Some Irish Traditions and Prayers
The Integral Irish Tradition
What is An Réalt?

Communism and Religion

The Guile of the Communists

Christian Worship: The Teaching of Pope Pius XII on the Sacred Liturgy

What is Sin?

The Passion II: Thoughts for Lent

Archbishop McQuaid on Higher Education for Catholics

See also: Archbishop McQuaid on Catholic Education: its function and scope

Communism and the Home

See also: Communism from the Inside

The Plight of Latin

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Perfect Contrition

See also: How to Make an Act of Perfect Contrition

The Forest and the National Life

Note: This is the text of a lecture delivered in the O’Connell Hall, Dublin, on 1st December, 1937, under the auspices of An Rioghacht (lit. ‘The Kingdom’) or the League of the Kingship of Christ, founded by Fr Edward Cahill S.J. in 1926.

The Vatican Council and You (1962)

The Holy Year

A Catholic Nation and a Catholic Press

What is An Réalt?

Note: An Réalt (‘The Star’) was the Irish language praesidium of the Legion of Mary which was dedicated to recultivating Gaelic spirituality, culture and heritage. Regarding its activities in Wales mentioned on pg. 14, there is a very interesting article here on ‘Irish Catholics and the Welsh language in the 20th century’ which asserts that An Réalt “took a particular interest in the Welsh language. Many An Réalt members were fluent in the Welsh language, while others were learning Welsh in a 200-strong Dublin night class. During the 1950s a representative group led by Fr Diarmuid Ó Laoghaire* visited Wales annually, either to R.O.F. Wynne’s Garthewin estate or to the ‘Welsh Catholic’ parish of Gellilydan.”

*See his pamphlet Our Mass, Our Life: Some Irish Traditions and Prayers. See also The Integral Irish Tradition.

The Communion of Saints

Who Made Man?

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