Differences between the English Penny Catechism of 1958 with the 1971 Revision


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  1. Makes for horrific reading.

  2. Welcome back Shane. I hope your mother is doing well.

  3. Mrs. Rene O'Riordan

    Is that the one that said “who made the world” and we all answered “God made the world” and “who is God” and we said “God is our Father in Heaven, the Creator and Lord of all things”? – Rene

  4. No wonder we are losing so many of our children to the One True Faith when this is how they are being taught nowadays!

    Shane, do you know how many of these shocking errors have been corrected in later editions? I use the Baltimore Catechism and rarely refer to the new revised edition from 1990 (I think).

  5. Hi,

    I’m from Hungary. I can’t find the 1958 edition, only later editions. Could you digitalize and upload in PDF? I would like to translate it to Hungarian, but I can’t trust the versions I found in the internet without imprimatur. It would be great to see the scanned version of the 1958 edition.

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