The Vatican Council and You (1962)


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  1. Is it me or do I detect, if not a total lack of enthusiam for this project, at
    least confusion as to its purpose? Heenan was woefully ill-prepared for this event something he would later admit. These were not propitious times for the intellectuals who met as the Second World War had compromised the intellects of everyone. Unlike Heenan, these intellectuals and their succesors would never admit to the flop which the Council became. That remains the present situation and it will take decades more for any meaningful change. A change which will be dictated by secular events and not from within the Church itself.

  2. I think as time goes on the church of Vatican II will continue to be a protestant religion. They are 80% of the way there. Look at it. No Priests, no convents, no monasterys,no schools. There churches look protestant. There has been no solid Catholic teaching of childern. Example i met a young girl in the hospital while i was visiting my God mother. We were praying the Rosary when the girl comes bouncing in telling us she was there to give my God mother holy communion.The girl asked her what the beads were. I mean please my God mother was speechless. i had to talk to the girl. i told her we would only take communion from a Priest. i do not think she got it she was confused when she left. I think i have said it all now. As Saint Athanasius said They have the building but we have the faith. Imagine that something said in the year 300 A.D.could hold true today

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