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The Battalion of St. Patrick

From Radio Cristiandad

Read here: The Irish Soldiers of Mexico by Michael Hogan


Persecution of the Church in Mexico

[for some background on this topic]

From the Irish Independent, March 6th, 1933:

by Dr. Frank O’Reilly, K.C.S.G., Secretary of the Catholic Truth Society of Ireland

The voice of the Catholics of the Republic of Mexico is overwhelmed in the babel of international controversy on debt-cancellation, trade restrictions, and disarmament.

Only the voice of the Father of Christendom is heard pleading their cause. And even his voice in a world which boasts its worship of liberty, is, as far as it is possible, silenced, to the benefit of a great tyranny.

Mexico is no longer in the news. The world has, it would seem, settled down comfortably to regard the Mexican terror as a normality — as something, at least, which has lost its news value. The duty of Catholics, in the circumstances, is plain. The fact of the persecution of our brothers in Mexico must not be taken as merely a fait accompli. Here is a wrong to be righted.
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