The Irish Messenger of the Sacred Heart, May, 1954

See also: The Messenger Question Box (No. 1 and 2)


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  1. Pity they don’t make them like that anymore…

  2. I had a silly question I did not want to put on twitter as too public….when I was growing up (in the UK..) we had a holy water stoup inside the front door. Was that common in the 70s and does anyone still do this?

    Great Blog, btw.


  3. Thank you for getting back to me – really helpful.

  4. Dear Shane and the good People at Lux,

    It is a real pleasure to occasionally visit this site to see what other delectable spiritual and/or historical morsel it has to offer. I hope all goes well with you Shane as The only ‘update’ we have seen since September is the removal of the poem about the Hare.

    Sincerely, may God bless you and your work/Apostolate!
    (Br) Patrick

  5. My mother – now a sprightly 97 – told me that back in the 1930s the “Messenger” was much favoured by young women of the era. Commercial make-up was not available – or, at least, it could not be afforded – but the red cover of the periodical, rubbed into the cheeks, served as a very acceptable rouge substitute.

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