Anonymous Seminarians Criticise Maynooth

click above to expand and read in full (pdf)

The above article was published in the current Catholic Voice weekly newspaper. I have tippexed out some names.


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  1. Horrible, but unsurprising.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Shane. I’m from Australia, and this sort of thing is/was rife here, too. I take it that the authors of this piece have ‘relocated’ elsewhere; by rights they should be sent to Rome…but my snout tells me that, notwithstanding the condemnation of Maynooth by its closure, Irish Bishops advised by modernistically inclined priests in their chanceries will choose to believe their own ‘sources’ – leaving these fellas effectively blacklisted. Let’s hope this is not the case.

    So many former seminarians I have known over a thirty year period have been weeded out by seminary authorities and had their potential vocation blighted and extinguished by these means. The priestly shortage is as much contrived, despite the poor catechesis and abominable liturgies, methinks!

    Incidentally, why bother to white-out names in respect of a document which is already in the public domain? And what is the background to the Catholic Voice? I bet it is an independent, lay run, outfit, non? I had to laugh because that is also the name of our rather lame archdiocesan rag here in Canberra & Goulburn, Australia.

    Keep up the excellent work – I enjoy reading your blog.

    May God bless your endeavours,

    Tony Pead

    • Thanks Tony for your kind compliments,

      The Catholic Voice is indeed an independent lay-run paper. I blotted out the names to protect the reputations of individuals criticised in the article. With all due respect to the people at the Catholic Voice, it doesn’t have a very high circulation and I’m sure what’s written in it quickly becomes forgotten and obscure. The internet is a bit different considering what’s posted online is so readily accessible always and everywhere. “A good name is better than great riches: and good favour is above silver and gold.” (Prov. 22:1)

  3. Fr. Rob Johansen

    I only wonder just how reputable or reliable this “Catholic Voice” newspaper is. I am genuinely asking here – I don’t know, but would like to know. I actually have no difficulty believing that a lot of nonsense is going on, since I have a friend who is an Irish priest, and has told me of some of the nonsense going on there.

    But the fact that these criticisms are anonymous make them problematic as far as credibility is concerned. Also, complaints by current and especially ex-seminarians are also problematic, since those subject to formation necessarily lack the judgment and perspective needed to see the whole picture. Finally, it is not at all uncommon ( I have personally witnessed it several times) for seminarians who have been disciplined or dismissed for legitimate reasons to complain that they are the victims of persecution by liberals for their orthodoxy, when the truth is they were the victims only of the consequences of their own misconduct or unfitness.

    I am NOT saying that the above is the case here. I don’t know. But I encourage a spirit of caution. I think more needs to be known about this paper, the author, and the seminarian(s) in question before anyone jumps on the bandwagon here.

  4. If we know this then the Pope knows it too.

    • the Pope is not God. He relies on the local Bishops. What have the Irish Bishops done for priestly formation in Ireland?

  5. I expect these seminarians had to be anonymous. They take a risk just by saying these things. How about we concentrate on discovering the truth rather then the identities of these men. If they are wrong then it will be easy to prove won’t it?

  6. I note that Archbishop Martin has lately been quoted saying there needs to be MORE mixing of seminarians and lay ministerial students to discourage clericalism…but isn’t Maynooth about to shut down?

  7. I agree that I would expect seminarians to be anonymous, but I would expect any former seminarian who is now ordained, or who is not seeking ordination by an Irish bishop, should be willing to use his name.

  8. The article is accurate. I know seminarians in Maynooth right now. I’ve heard similar stories. As an aside, a past head of Maynooth, a Monsignor Ledwith, is now in a new age organisation in the USA where he runs a website called ‘The Hamburger Universe’… I’m not making that up!

    • Where 2 or 3 bloggers are gathered to diss a seminary there you will find Fr. Rob Johansen in the midst of them. Usually defending the status quo and claiming anyone who expresses concerns about the state of the Church has ‘disciplinary’ or ‘other issues’ …

  9. THE

    Flee Ireland
    The Faith is dead
    Go west young man
    Where the Truth is said

    Where the Truth is said
    At daily Mass
    Where wine’s Blood red
    In gold not glass

    In gold not glass
    The wafers wait
    For ordained hands
    To consecrate

    To consecrate
    And multiply
    For starving souls
    God hears your cry

    He hears your cry
    At St. Thomas Aquine
    Where priests are formed
    Of Melchisedech’s line

    Of Melchisedech’s line
    A great Seminary stands
    With other Christs
    And chrismed hands

    And chrismed hands
    Hell’s depths do hate
    Hell spreads her errors
    To hesitate

    To hesitate
    ‘fore God’s gift grand?
    Winona, Minnesota
    Flee, Ireland!!

  10. Thanks Shane. It did occur to me that the ‘Catholic Voice’ was, in all probability, a small, tiny circulation operation – so not wanting to identify names on the internet for, potentially, mass circulation is prudent and charitable.

    Of course, regardless of whether these anonymous ex-seminarians were kicked out for a range of legitimate reasons or not, still leaves the allegations of heterodox teachings at Maynooth to be investigated and acted upon if proven. It would seen that the recent visitation has done just that – and the seminary is, purportedly, to be closed – presumably on the basis of the visitator drawing similar conclusions. Nuff said!

  11. This sounds so like what I’ve heard (second-hand) from someone who left Maynooth and is now pursuing his vocation elsewhere, that I have been wondering if it was from the same chap! They’ve left out some of the more picturesque details, though.

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