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  1. Young Canadian RC Male

    Hey Shane. Just wanted to leave a comment that I don’t know what you did, but today was the first time I clicked on your site and the page uploaded itself within less than 30 seconds. Whatever you did great move!

  2. Thanks Young Canadian, I cut the number of posts showing per page. (To see older stuff just scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on ‘older posts’).

  3. Shane great stuff keep it up…..I laughed at first….later on I think of what we have lost.

    We need the Traditional Mass and Confession back…big time.

  4. Thanks Crouchback. Totally agree with you re: the Traditional Mass.

  5. Due to an Irish Times article, I only just discovered Honor Tracy sued the London Times for settling a libel suit for an factually-correct artcle she had written for them with the Irish Heirarchy. She won too. I always kenw I liked her 🙂 I doubt the current Irish population likes its priests to be living as high on the hog as they used to.

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