Catholic magazine publishes a special issue on Ireland

An online Catholic magazine Regina has published a new special issue on Ireland, which is worth reading. It is largely concerned with the state of Irish Catholicism today and includes an interesting interview with Br. Tom Forde OFM Cap, a regular commenter here, as well as focusing on traditionalist movements in Ireland. It can be read online for free here. (h/t @SlaveckM)


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  1. Augustine Hourigan

    Is it true that a man working for TROCAIRE gets £2,600.00 a week?

  2. Shane, thank you (as ever) for the link to Regina magazine. I wasn’t aware of its existence but will certainly look it up again. Br. Forde’s interview was characteristically both realistic about the situation as it is actually experienced on the ground, and yet hopeful, as was also Fr. Deighan’s. In fact I think I’d say that about the range of articles in general.

    For me the special one was on the restoration of the Sacred Heart church in Limerick. I was only ever in it once, at a wedding back in 1981, but I did remember it as being especially impressive. I had no idea it had sunk so low, and am profoundly moved by the restoration being undertaken by the Institute, not only in regard to the structure, of course, but also to their most valuable work in restoring authentic spiritual life. I will definitely support them.

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