The Monastic Inquisition



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  1. Thanks to the Inquisition, Ireland, Spain, France and Italy were spared the scourge of British and German Protestantism.

  2. Published in 1945! Wow. Would that we had a Church confident enough to publish such a document these days when the old “What about the Inquisition…” shtick is as rife – or rancid – as ever. But I think this can’t be stressed enough:

    “To understand the real root of this outlook on heresy it is necessary to point out again
    what has been already mentioned regarding the union of Church and State at this period. It was such that people found it impossible to consider the possibility of the State’s existence unless all Christians were Catholics.”

    It’s been shown often, and better than I can express it, that the modern disease of anachronistically forcing contemporary thought-structures onto historic societies has led to the dangerously misleading mindset of ever-evolving “progress” and of considering our forebears as somehow less enlightened than us. It’s dangerous, because it’s so seductive, to consider oneself as the paragon of development and that all who went before were somehow a bit less “bright” than we are. Apart from anything else, or maybe at the root of everything else, it’s the sin of pride.

    Also, more modern research has actually proved the truth of his conclusion here:

    “Owing to the destruction of most of the records it is not now possible to say how many persons suffered the extreme penalty as a result of the activities of the Inquisition, but
    such statistics as are available show that the number was relatively small”

    Try that on your average Irish Times comments Illuminatus.

  3. Shane: thanks indeed for the video & am very much looking forward to watching it. I agree with you: its chances of being made, let alone re-broadcast, by the kultur kommissars of Donnybrook-on-Volga are considerably south of my chances of winning Mr. Universe 🙂

    I tend to listen a lot to BBC Radio 3. They still broadcast choral evensong once a week live from various cathedrals (including Westminster occasionally) for 45 minutes in a prime afternoon slot, repeated on Sundays, and no problem whatsoever. Then think of all the anxiety and furrowed brow-ing of our betters around the continued broadcast of the Angelus for less than 1 minute, because it’s such a danger to our perceived cultural diversity don’t you know. I’d almost say imposed cultural diversity but the equality police would probably take me away for the modern equivalent of having impure thoughts…

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