Spanish Civil War: An Old Letter to ‘The Times’

I came across this old letter to the editor of The Times of London in an old pamphlet today and thought it might be of interest. It was in the form of a press cutting and I am unsure of the date. (Any suggestions would be most appreciatively received.)


See also: For God and Spain (1936)


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  1. At a guess, the “Spanish Struggle”, the lack of any mention of the different parties or their Soviet or Nazi backers, the fact that the writer is referring back to 1931 (ie doesn’t have earlier-from-the-Civil-War examples of left-wing violent anti-clericalism) makes me think that this would date from the first two or three months of the War.

  2. I searched for this letter on the Times Digital Archive, and it was published almost at the end of the war, Feb 24, 1939. There was a reply on the 27th, from the zoologist Peter Chalmers Mitchell, who lived in Malaga throughout the civil war, to say that the cathedral there had never been burned.

    I found a little bit more information about John Paget in his wife’s obituary in the Times, January 27, 1938. It says that ‘Her marriage to Mr. John Paget took place in January, 1934. A son was born in 1935. She and her husband shared a love of horses and a keenness for riding. Mr. Paget is well known in Spain for his prowess in the bull ring, and during their honeymoon Mrs. Paget once rode into the ring to be his “bandillero.”‘

    ‘Mrs. Paget and her husband spent their honeymoon in Spain, where they both took part in bull fighting in an amateur capacity. They were also extremely lucky in escaping death when the car in which they were travelling was fired on by revolutionaries. Four bullets went through the coachwork of the car, but by a miracle no one was injured.’

    No date is given for this incident.

    By the way, congratulations on your website, it is a terrific resource for cultural historians.

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