‘Our Catholic Life’ (1954-’70)

The team at Limerick City Library has just digitised the entire collection of Our Catholic Life from 1954 to 1970. Our Catholic Life was the official magazine of the diocese of Limerick and contains many items of historical and theological interest.


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  1. The Papal line ends with Pius XII. The Episcopal line ends with Vatican Council II. The Priestly line ends with the 1968 New Ritual of Ordination. The catholic lay line ends with the the Ritual of Sacraments in 1976.

  2. Hi there,

    In an effort to restore our Catholic life to what it should be, our humble group is trying to spread the word about our petition to the Holy See, supporting Cardinal Burke’s exhortations to priests to apply Canon Law # 915 to politicians (and others) who are publicly protesting Catholic teaching and morals, voting for abortion and same sex marriage.

    You can reach the petition via the link on our homepage, and read the text/sign the petition there. I hope you will publicize this for us, as it is a matter of much concern to us all, worldwide. http://www.catholictruthscotland.com

    Thank you

  3. Shane: wonderful resource and thank you yet again for making it available. As you have consistently made the point, the devoutly fostered cliché of the “wastleland” of the pre-Conciliar Church in Ireland is disproved by reading the resources that were actually available then.

    Being me, I couldn’t resist dipping into two issues, one from 1957 ie. during the time of horrible Tridentine clerical oppression of the People of God, and one from Easter 1970, just 3 months after the full flowering of the New Springtime as exemplified in the introduction of the NO in January 1970. The one from 1957 had an article on a schoolchildren’s music festival, during which they sang the Missa cum Jubilo, and had a competition for liturgical singing. But how could this be, I asked myself in some confusion, since there was, as we have been constantly instructed, absolutely no popular participation in the Mass and people were subjected to back-turned liturgy, badly and perfunctorily performed in a dead language????

    Imagine the relief when I read the article in the Easter 1970 edition, by one Fr. Frank Moriarty C.F. Quotes: “Sing, bring the party alive”. “For four centuries, since 1570, the Roman Mass has preserved its sacredness and solemnity in the deep freeze of unchangeable dead Latin. it has now thawed out. The pruned prayers putting up our gift-offerings are bluntly brief but beautifully experssive” “‘Tis the same old wonderful mass after all. Maybe a mini-Mass for a new era”.

    And, erm, just how has that worked out for us all, Father?

    In fairness to Fr. M, he does stress the aspects of sin and sacrifice, despite the attempts to be down with it, daddy-o, in the spirit of the times. But really, it’s somewhat sad to read all the hopeful encomia of the new Pentecost and compare them with today’s reality.

    And thanks again for making it available, Shane (and Limerick City Council of course.

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