Abortion Bill Protest

There will be a protest outside the Dail at 1.30 p.m. today (Thursday) in opposition to the pro-abortion Private Member’s Bill tabled by Socialist Party TD Clare Daly.

Even if you are not able to attend, please pray fervently for the defeat of this proposed legislation and all future attempts to legalize abortion.


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  1. 5thmariandogma

    Thanks for letting me know, i might try to get into that if i can.
    RTE are traitorous rats to our glorious martyrs and Saints, the abortion protest the other day, they showed it on Nuacht news, but not the English speaking, who is the controller of these things in RTE, does he work for the Masonic CIA
    Protest against abortion outside the Dail with Life Institute 12.4. 2012

    • Thanks Kev for the comment, and I hope you attend. Unfortunately I had to edit out the charge about Gilmore in your comment as it could potentially be interpreted as libellious by fastidious lawyers. Hope you don’t mind. Pax!

      • 5thmariandogma

        No problem Shane, i taught you would have taking more down haha. I should have just said wikileaks, we know who this person is!
        I went in today to the Dail, i was talking to a great man traditional man from Cork called John O Callahan, great stuff, Ave Maria!

  2. 5thmariandogma

    Life institutes “Niamh Uí Bhriain” wins abortion debate on LMFM Radio 12.4.2012

  3. Thanks, Shane. Let those who are not with us in body this afternoon be with us in spirit! And everybody, please get active and support all prolife events and campaigns, and spread the word. The Devil is very active, particularly in respect of getting murder of innocents legal, accepted and practice. We must pray – and act! Don’t forget e-cards to Taoiseach and TDs via PLC website. Onward Christian soldiers!

  4. 5thmariandogma

    Anti-Defamation League takes issue with bishop’s remarks

    ‘Anti’-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith Enforces Exclusive Proprietary Claim to Persecution Posted: 19 Apr 2012 08:15 AM PDT This is not really news; just, as usual, the ‘Anti’-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith wielding its leverage with the media, law enforcement, churches and academia to defame, intimidate, marginalize and generally punish, anyone who in its hyper-paranoid perception appears to violate its ridiculous exclusive proprietary claim to victimhood functioning as a distraction from disproportionate Judaic power, wealth and influence. Just another day in the talmudized West. read more:http://j.mp/HS0kVQ

  5. 5thmariandogma

    Politicians who supported the failed abortion bill in Ireland.

  6. “…four exceptionally brave women went public on their abortions”

    “…the babies they were carrying were incompatible with life”

    “…the scenario of ’good’ and ‘bad’ abortions…”

    “…undo the mistake…”

    These were just some of the phrases that jumped out at me as I read Alison O’Connor’s article in Saturday’s Irish Independent. Ms. O’Connor was pleased that the Dáil debate was ‘calm’ and devoid of ‘hysteria’.

    This is how the debate on abortion gets framed. It becomes a ‘medical necessity’, ‘a woman’s choice’, ‘undoing a mistake’ and so on. All are euphemisms seeking to cloak the reality: that abortion is the direct killing of a defenseless human being.

    Notice the ‘incompatibility with life’ soubriquet. It is meant to imply ‘cannot survive birth’. But it has a more sinister meaning than non-viability. It is used to denote that the baby has some defect, will not be a ‘perfect baby’ and thus used to justify abortion. It is happening already in the case of fetuses diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, among other ‘defects’, which may even include being of the ‘wrong’ sex.

    While direct abortion can never be morally justified, no doctor can be 100% certain that a fetus of a certain age will not survive birth. And even if he could, he is never justified in killing it. There have been so many live births following failed abortions that laws have been proposed here in the US to prevent the killing of such babies. One of which our current president voted against while an Illinois senator.

    To sum up, it is ‘brave’ to admit to having had an abortion. The babies whose lives have been snuffed out may beg to differ. An abortion is ‘neutral – it can be good or bad. Abortion is never neutral. Even in the case of an indirect abortion which may be morally justifiable under the Principle of Double Effect, it is not ‘good’. It is a tragedy, as a life has been lost.

    Pregnancy is not a disease whether planned or unplanned. If unplanned and considered a ‘mistake’ it is not the fault of the unborn baby and one should not compound the ‘mistake’ with another one which is mortal to the life of the baby and to the souls of the perpetrators. As we have seen in the US what starts out as allowing abortion under very narrow circumstances, devolves into abortion on demand – right up to the moment of birth. It is a slippery slope.

    For now it has been avoided in Ireland, but it will return. We continue to be horrified by the wanton mass killings in the 20th century: Nazism, Communism, Cambodia and Ruanda. And we ask: “How could they do that? How could that be permitted?” I fear that future generations will look back on the wanton killings happening throughout the world today through abortion and ask the same questions about us.

    But even if they don’t, God certainly will…

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