Dublin Institute of Catholic Sociology: ‘Red Week’, January 1st-4th, 1963

click above to expand and read in full (pdf)

See also: Dublin Institute of Catholic Sociology: Manual of Social Ethics; 1956


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  1. Poor old Douglas Hyde. If you ever get the chance, do read “I Believed” if only for an insight into close-to-the-top-of-the-CPGB life in the 30s and 40s. He became a Catholic and lived on the anti-communist wave and from a generous de la Bedoyere salary, but, possibly unsuspected by his backers, never became right wing, though his books on how the CP worked were fodder to the (American more than UK?) right. If I remember correctly, he became seduced by post-Populorum Progressio millennarianism, base communities, theology of liberation and so on and, disenchanted by JPII, drifted away from the “institutional Church” (that well known oxymoron). He must have been dead these ten years. I say a prayer for him every time I remember him, as I can’t help feeling he was badly let down as a convert and turned into something he wasn’t.

  2. Ttony, I wasn’t aware of that. A sad end.

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