Heart of St Laurence O’Toole stolen

From RTÉ News:

Relic of St Laurence O’Toole stolen

The 12th Century preserved heart of the Patron Saint of Dublin, Saint Laurence O’Toole, has been stolen from Christ Church Cathedral.

His heart was preserved since the 13th century and has been a major pilgrimage site

His heart was preserved since the 13th century and has been a major pilgrimage site

The Cathedral was opened at 9.30am, to no alarm activation and no sign of any break-in.

The heart was believed to be stolen between last night and noon today.

The Heart of St Laurence O’Toole was kept in a wooden heart shaped container sealed within a small iron barred box.

The one time Archbishop St Laurence O’Toole was born Lorcán Ua Tuathail in Castledermot, Co Kildare in 1128 and known as Laurence O’Toole, died November 1180 in Normandy France.

His heart was preserved in Christ Church Cathedral since the 13th century and has been a major pilgrimage site since the medieval period until the present day.

The Dean of Christ Church Cathedral and the diocese of Dublin and Glendalough, the Most Reverend Dermot Dunne stated “I am devastated that one of the treasured artifacts of the cathedral is stolen.

It has no economic value but it is a priceless treasure that links our present foundation with its founding father, St Laurence O’Toole.”

Gardaí wish to speak to anyone who may have visited Saint Lauds Chapel in Christ Church Cathedral between yesterday evening and today at 12.30pm and seen anything unusual or suspicious in the Chapel, Cathedral.

Anyone in a position to assist with the investigation are asked to contact them at Kevin Street at 01- 6669400, the Garda Confidential Telephone Line 1800 666 111 or any Garda Station.


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  1. Thieves probably thought it was valuable though if the alarm did not go off they were either professionals or it’s an inside job. Is there a black market in relics? On a lighter note perhaps St. Lorcan has finally decided the Anglicans are never going to come home and decided to jump ship. In that case they should look for him in the Catholic (pro)Cathedral. 🙂

  2. I never knew his heart was in Christ Church! You learn something new every day!

  3. I reblogged this post on my blog. I hope you consent to this.

  4. dheaglain, I’m more than happy for you to do so!

  5. Ireland has its heart, what with the acceptance of abortion, gay marriage and morale devaluation. I hope his heart returns

  6. Like Brendan, despite being a ‘Dub’, I never knew that the heart of St Laurence was kept in Christ Church Cathedral. I read some time ago that it was he who got cathedral status from Rome for the church but I can’t locate a source for that.

    Why would anyone want to steal such a relic? Respect for the living and the dead seems to be disappearing slowly in modern Ireland.

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