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The Irish Government confirmed this week that the EU Fiscal Stability Pact will be put to a referendum. I would be very interested in the opinions of my readers on the Pact (or on the EU generally) and how you intend to vote. Has the EU become a threat to Irish sovereignty and independence? Or is closer fiscal integration necessary to stem the debt crisis?


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  1. EU is just trying to put the noose around our heads, Ireland gets nothing out of this treaty but German bureaucrats go through our books and forcing savage cuts on us. Ireland will go the way of Greece. The Irish Government do not realise that the bankers are purposefully enslaving us, they will not give us a deal on the bail out, Ireland needs to play hardball with them. Freemasonry is behind this, no deals with the Devil will work.Pull out of the EU!

  2. I have left Ireland over 20 years ago and as such do not have a vote in Ireland. I’d imagine the EU has been a severe threat to the soverignity of Ireland ever since 1973, never mind now. Having said that, the ‘eurosceptic’ British Government is also a severe threat. Merkel Sarkozy and Cameron were instrumental in bouncing Ireland (Cowen and Lenihan) into accepting the bailout.

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