Appeal of Italian Catholics to Archbishop D’Alton (28th March, 1948)

As head of the Catholic Non-Party Organisation of Italy, created to combat Communism, I beg your Grace to make known to the Hierarchy and Catholic people of Ireland the following appeal. The Italian Catholics fully realise that the electoral battle of April 18 (see here – Shane) is decisive for the spiritual destiny of Europe. It is in no sense a struggle between Parties, but between two ideologies, between those who believe in God and those who do not believe in God.

In order to achieve the highest possible efficiency, the Catholics within the last month have created Civic Committees, which are already carrying out in the whole of Italy a magnificent and well-ordered propaganda campaign. The need for unity has, therefore, been understood, and a common Catholic Non-Party Organisation has been formed.

The Italian Catholics are very grateful to the Irish people, who have been so generous with material help since the war ended, but now we need their help more than ever.

You ask us how the elections will go, and we reply, ‘Well, if you help us, but they may go badly if you abandon us.’ For this reason we are asking the Irish Catholics, as well as Catholics in other countries, to send us urgent financial help, because there is no longer any time to send us help in materials.

Russia, together with financial help, has sent a considerable quantity of newsprint to the Italian Communists for their newspapers. We must buy paper on the spot. The same is true of all the other incidentals of propaganda. If the Catholics of the world do not understand this; if they continue to discuss and to await fatalistically for the result of the elections, the battle may well be lost, and defeat may mean the end of Christian civilisation in Europe.

Luight Geddal.


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