1950: IER on the launching of ‘The Furrow’

From the reviews section of the Irish Ecclesiastical Record, March, 1950:

THE FURROW. Vol. I, No. 1. Naas: ‘Leinster Leader.’ February, 1950. Price 1s. 6d.

It is now a month since the inaugural number of The Furrow (see here – Shane) made its appearance, and great numbers of our clerical readers will already have studied its contents and heard and taken part in the discussions that the launching of a new periodical of special interest to the clergy must have aroused. The Editor’s foreword stresses inter alia two aims: to provide an opportunity for the pooling of pastoral experience in varying conditions of the ministry and so ‘give valuable help to all who are charged by God to keep His field,’ and to encourage our younger priests to become ‘men of the pen’ in God’s service. These cardinal points in the programme of The Furrow commend the publications most strongly — to implement these ideals is to contribute notably to the work of the Church. What is implied in these high aims is set forth in detail by Most Rev. Dr. D’Alton, Archbishop of Armagh, in a message wishing The Furrow blessing and success. The remainder of the contents excellently illustrate the two aims referred to.

The Furrow opens auspiciously. We welcome it warmly to the field of Catholic literary activity and cordially wish it an ever-widening, ever-deepening sphere of influence.

P. J. H.*

*i.e., Mgr. Patrick J. Hammell


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  1. When I first came to Raheny as a recently solemnly professed friar I got the job of tidying up the library. It was in quite a condition. During those hours of labour I found a set of bound editions of the Furrow and though I cannot remember the years it is quite possible they went back to the opening edition. I had no high opinion of the Furrow and it has not risen since. Since it was Irish, theological and a periodical I was loath to just dump them. In the end I put them in storage across the yard and they were dumped last year. What struck me was how the content had changed. Back then there were a lot of questions about canon law – one would not see their like today. One could make a study of the contribution of the Furrow to the situation we find ourselves in today or how it could be viewed as a barometer of the changing mindset within the Irish Church. Perhaps it is a bit of both. Does anyone actually read it?

  2. Br Tom, I was absolutely horrified to read that back issues of The Furrow were dumped. If the library is ever wanting to get rid of stuff like that again (including old books, pamphlets, magazines etc.) please email me to let me know because I would be delighted to take it off their hands. Do you know if they have any more stuff that they want to dispose of?

  3. Alas all that needed to go has gone. Could not sell the stuff and we had no space for it. I have to say the Furrows were quite mouldy. I will keep you in mind if anything looks set for discarding but most of what we have left is geared to the purpose of the library: formation of future friars.

  4. “Alas all that needed to go has gone. ”

    Very sad to read this 😦

    “I will keep you in mind if anything looks set for discarding”

    Please do. Many thanks!

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