Benedictine Community in U.S. to Move to Ireland

Exciting news:

About us

Our Monastery is dedicated to the traditional monastic life according to the Rule of Saint Benedict, and to intercession for the sanctification of priests, in adoration and reparation before the Eucharistic Face of Christ.

We were established during the Year of the Priest (2009-2010) by His Excellency, Most Reverend Edward J. Slattery, Bishop of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

By the grace of God, we have been invited by His Lordship, the Most Reverend Michael Smith, Bishop of Meath in Ireland, to move our fledgling community to County Meath, Ireland. God willing, we will complete this move in February 2012.

We are currently preparing a detailed website which will provide more information about our community. Until then, we invite you to read the blog of our Father Prior, Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, Vultus Christi.

We also have an audio podcast of almost daily sermons preached at our Conventual Mass, which you can listen to here or via iTunes.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or contact us at the email address provided below.

We welcome vocation inquiries, as well as your prayers and donations for the support of our monastic life and mission of Eucharistic Adoration and intercession for priests.
Monastery of Our Lady of the Cenacle

P. O. Box 52709
Tulsa, OK 74152

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  1. My goodness, how lovely!

    This is my first attempt to post a comment on your WordPress blog. I hope it works.

    Best wishes,
    Dorothy B

  2. Dorothy, it does indeed. Thanks!

    I hope and pray this religious community will flourish and inspire others.

  3. Delighted to hear this news. I met Dom Mark and his companions at Adoratio 2011 conference. Finally we are getting orthodox Benedictines.

  4. Why are they moving so soon after having been founded in one place at the invitation of the local ordinary?

    • Berenike, I don’t know to be honest. Perhaps they hadn’t established themselves permanently in Tulsa…or perhaps they see Ireland as being more in need of their presence.

  5. They are in Pluscarden,near Elgin in Scotland.Lovely to go there & hear the Gregorian chant and Holy mass.A great blessing for Ireland.



  6. Greetings from Ireland! We are happy to hear that you are coming over to us here! We need people to pray for the holiness of our priests through reparation and Adoration. As a Congregation, we also have this aspect of looking after and caring for priests, we offer our Perpetual Adoration for their spiritual needs, whilst ministering to them in various forms of mission, especially to elderly and sick priests, as well as those in particular difficulty for whatever reason. Your community will be a huge spiritual asset for our priests and for the Irish Church which is undergoing challenging times. I believe that if our priests are holy, then our Church will be holy and seek to live in the image of Christ, even with all that has gone before us. May God bless you and your preparations!
    We look forward to giving you a big ‘Cead Mile Fàilte’, the Irish welcome!
    Sr. M. Louise and community, Disciples of the Divine Master

  7. Thank you, Shane, for directing people to our website! We are grateful for the very kind online response, especially on the part of Irish people, to our news.

    Your readers may also want to look at the first issue of our newsletter, entitled “In Coenaculo.” In it you will find a letter from Father Prior, Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, explaining our beginnings in the Diocese of Tulsa and our reasons for relocating to Ireland.

  8. Is it true that there is only one member of this communityl left now?

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