A Glimpse Back into 1930’s Ireland


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  1. I put these up a few months ago, but the last post reminded me on them.

    To quote the opening sentence in L.P. Hartley’s Go-Between, “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there”.

  2. I never realised Ireland was so agricultural right into the 30`s?Idealistic existence and the best for raising families.Strong families and faith has been Ireland`s success and strength. However sadly all of this has change,not all of it good. Cant help wonder if Ireland of today would really want to go back to that time?I dearly hope so.At least hold onto the gift of faith and family.

    The Outer Hebridie`s in Scotland is much like your Donegal, agriculture mainly but we relied on fishing too and ( in the past seabirds! Puffin and scaffaidh-yuck!)never forget been given this by an old aunt, but of course now those birds are all an endangered species-
    Anyway,glad you are keeping the faith and tradition going in your part of Ireland.

    Beannachad dhia dhuit,


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