Letter of Pope Pius XII Concerning the Irish Hierarchy’s Appeal for Maynooth (1949)

To Our Venerable Brother


Archbishop of Armagh

Ever solicitous for the proper formation of candidates for the priesthood, We have learned with deep paternal interest of the appeal which you and your Brethren in the Hierarchy have made on behalf of Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

We are well aware, Venerable Brethren, of the noble part which Maynooth College has played for more than CL years, not only in training worthy priests for the Dioceses of Ireland, but also in providing zealous, self-sacrificing labourers for the distant vineyards of the Lord in the English-speaking countries beyond the seas, and even in the mission fields of far-away China and Africa.

The Irish people, both at home and broad, have always been noted for their generous charity towards every deserving cause. We feel confident, therefore, that despite the many demands being made upon them, they will not fail to contribute in a worthy manner towards the needs of their National Seminary — a cause which surely merits their whole-hearted support — so that Saint Patrick’s College may be enabled to continue its all-important work of forming priests to personal sanctity and of endowing them with the learning and science required for their holy vocation.

It is Our earnest prayer that Our Divine Lord may reward with very special graces and favours all those who respond to your appeal, and, as a toke of Our interest in this praiseworthy initiative, We cordially impart to you, Venerable Brother, and to the Superiors, Professors, students and benefactors of the College Our fatherly Apostolic Benediction.

From the Vatican, January 26, 1949.


Note: Pope Pius XII attached to this letter a personal subscription of £10,000 to the Appeal.


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