Progress and Catholicity in Ireland (1905): Fr Michael O’Riordan Debunks ‘Ireland in the New Century’

Read here.

See also: Priests and People in Ireland


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  1. Wow!! Shane, I am really looking forward to browsing through that book. The period 1870-1914 is very interesting to me, possibly because our Leaving Cert history course focused on it, and we used FSL Lyons’s “Ireland since the Famine” as a school textbook. I have to say… it tended to hagiographise (one can say that, or have I just invented a new word?) Sir Horace Plunkett, who was seen very much as one of the Great and Good. Perhaps this was a reflection of Lyons’s TCD background, of course. So the view from the other side of the table, at the actual time, will be fascinating to read. Thank you.

  2. You’ve very welcome, Jaykay. It’s a great book and debunks many myths. The above linked ‘Priests and People in Ireland’ is also well worth reading.

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