Irish Hierarchy’s October Meeting, 1960: Liturgical Decisions

The Irish hierarchy issued the following statement in 1960 at their October meeting in St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth:

With a view to a uniform practice at public Masses on Sundays and Holy Days in availing of the concessions granted by the Holy See in regard to the omission of the Leonine Prayers (A.A.S., vol. LII, n. 5, p. 360), it was agreed that, as far as possible, the Leonine Prayers should be retained in the last Masses on those days.

and adopted the following resolution:

Beginning with 1 February 1961, the new tri-lingual Latin-Vernacular Ritual, approved by the Holy See, is to be the received Ritual for Ireland and, subject to the instructions of individual bishops, is to be used by the clergy in the administration of the sacraments and sacramentals.


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  1. And then the Holy See declared on the 26th Sep 1964 that “The Leonine Prayers are suppressed.” This came into force on 7th March 1965.

    • Wow. I thought that that dated from 1964. I had no idea that it was made an option that early. And at a time when they were never more important! He certainly made good use of his 100

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