Today is presidential election day and I am quite conflicted. I find all the candidates unappealing.

Dana — I think I’ll put her number 1. I admire her strong pro-life stance, and I think she would make an excellent representative of the country in dealings abroad (except with Europe, which is now crucial). I dislike her seemingly uncritical opposition to the European Union.

Michael D. Higgins — I like his strong support for neutrality but his views on some issues are not to my tastes. His strong opinions on some conflicts abroad (some of which I agree with, some of which I strongly disagree with) could arouse resentment. I don’t really want to give what could be interpreted as an endorsement to the (horrible) Labour Party, prominent members of which want to rip up the constitution and replace it with something necessarily worse.

Mary Davis — I don’t know much about her but she seems very decent so I’ll probably give her my second preference.

Martin McGuinness — I don’t know much about his policy views but I tend to naturally sympathize with anyone the odious Sindo strongly opposes. I think I will give him my third preference.

David Norris — He strikes me as a fundamentally decent man and I thought he was very unfairly treated by the media in the recent controversy. However, his views on important social issues are obviously not in accordance with mine. I admire his support for neutrality and opposition to Irish participation in NATO. But he said some nasty things about the Pope. Would be a terrible representative for Ireland abroad.

Gay Mitchell — I will give him my fourth preference – solely for his strong pro-life convictions. But he is a member of a now clearly anti-Catholic political party and did not criticise Enda Kenny’s tirade against the Pope. He also suggests rejoining the Commonwealth, which would be a disgraceful and embarrassing step backwards and would do nothing whatsoever to mollify northern Unionists. (My friend Luke Scully also said that this lost Mitchell his first preference.) Seems to have a very dull personality.

Séan Gallagher — That this man could be associated (rightly or wrongly) with the party of De Valera is a sad reflection of how far Fianna Fáil has declined. He also wants to ‘modernize’ the national anthem. What nonsense!

I will also vote ‘no’ to both referenda.


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  1. I haven’t voted yet but find myself with largely the same dilemma. It boils down to whether I vote for two (lets be honest) no-hopers really as a sort of protest vote. I actually met one of them back in the day quite often and she’s very decent. I share your analysis generally except I just wouldn’t vote for Mr. McG. Norris is a bit of a loose cannon and has vented very illliberal views on the Church. I just don’t want to vote for anything or anybody concerned with Labour at present, although I have voted for them in the past.

    So that’s it really 😦 On my way now.

  2. Jaykay, protest votes like that are important. Dana’s vote in particular will be interpreted by many as an indicator of how strong pro-life sentiment is in society.

    Norris is very eccentric. I find his accent hilarious!

  3. Oh good… because she got no. 1 !!

    Second was Mary Davis. I used to speak to her quite often way back about 20 years ago (in the context of my then boss being very involved in Special Olympics, of which Mary was CEO) and was very impressed with her. And that was it. My family has a deep FG background – not that that influences me unduly these days – but I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Mitchell, both because I just don’t think he’s the right person and secondly his party leader’s deplorable lapse of judgement in playing to the gallery of idiots in response to the Cloyne Report. I will not forget that for a long time… and I’ll let any FG heads of my acquaintance know that.

  4. Where you all crying into your Guinness last night after labour got in?Ouch!

    Sean Gallagher will probably be your next President I suspect.But for the life of me, I don`t see why he got so popular.He not exactly a political genius and has little experience in politics.

    It`s a shame Dana never got the backing she deserved.

  5. No, it’s Michael D Higgins, unfortunately.

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