Letter of Pope Pius XII to Cardinal MacRory

To Our Beloved Son,


Cardinal Priest of the Holy Roman Church under the title of St. John before the Latin Gate,

Archbishop of Armagh.


Beloved Son, health and Apostolic Benediction.

We have been recently informed that you are about to complete the twenty-fifth year since your appointment as Bishop. This happy and truly sacred event provides Us with a most welcome occasion of paternally rejoicing with you, and of manifesting publicly and gladly the goodwill which We have always entertained towards you.

Well known indeed is the pastoral solicitude with which, first during your reign in Down and Connor and then in your present illustrious Metropolitan See, you have earnestly striven to promote and guard the salvation of souls. Equally known, too, is the simple faith and filial devotion to God of your people, whom you hold deeply attached to you by the closest bonds of charity.

Wherefore, Beloved Son, while we extol with paternal praise your outstanding merits in relation to the Church, We publicly and earnestly give expression to Our congratulations, and take part in the celebration of the sacred occasion with Our fervent wishes and hopes. We do this the more gladly because We are fully aware of your fidelity to, and veneration for the Holy See; nor do We doubt that from the happiness of your Episcopal Jubilee you will derive even new strength to do greater things day by day for the flock committed to your charge.

But in order that the coming feast may prove more beneficial to your faithful children We spontaneously authorize that on an appointed day, after the Holy Sacrifice has been celebrated with Pontifical rite, you bless in Our name and by Our authority all present, and announce a Plenary Indulgence, to be gained on all the usual conditions prescribed by the Church.

Finally, to yourself soon to complete your eightieth year, We wish an abundance of health and happiness, earnestly beseeching God by the riches of His heavenly consolations to preserve and guard you for many a day, and win for you more and more the respectful esteem and affection of the faithful.

May the Apostolic Benediction, which We impart most lovingly in the Lord to you, Our Beloved Son, and to all the clergy and people entrusted to your care, herald and call down these heavenly favours and be a witness of Our special esteem.

Given at Rome, at St. Peter’s, July 15, 1940, second year of Our Pontificate.



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