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  1. How nice to see something like this, as a reminder of the “sensus Catholicus” that used to be the norm among the world’s Bishops.

  2. This is an aspect of the work of Archbishop McQuaid that perhaps not many are aware of. Poverty was much more widespread in Dublin in those days than now.

  3. I am truly impressed.

    The bishop starts with the most impressive figure: administration costs are only 2.27% of expenses.

    To make a comparison, some years ago teh German Government proposed to limit administration costs of “charities” to 20 percent. There was an uproar, and it turned out a great number of charities have forty, fifity, eighty percent of expenses in administrative costs!

    In fact, it can be said that the one with the “non-profit” is one of the best businesses around, allowing countless organisations to employ half the extended family with the excuse of “doing good” (if little), or functioning as a self-serving distributor of favours to employees and advertisement companies, (if big).

    Now please read the Bishop’s figure again……..


  4. Mundabor — yes, most charities have become bloated bureaucracies, often for legal reasons. That’s why I prefer to give my money directly to the poor.

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