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  1. The layout is (predictably 😉 ) beautiful….

    The page is very slow in charging. Perhaps the big videos?

    The header is, how should I say it, very Irish. It makes a lot of sense if you want to give that kind of profile to your blog (which I think you want).

    If you in Ireland have some monument that are clearly identifiable as both Irish and Catholic, I’d prefer that….


  2. Thanks Mundabor. WordPress has been acting up for a few days. It takes me forever to load your blog as well.

    The layout is (of course) nicked from you. I hated that ‘Twenty Ten’ format — very glad I ditched it.

    The header’s only temporary. I’ll change it in time (I might actually alternate headers regularly from now on).

  3. What is the background colour, a very very dark blue or simply black?

    If you ask me I find it a bit oppressive as there are no side photos and one is confronted with a black wall….

    but again, de gustibus…. 😉

  4. In my eyes it is fine to alternate headers, but it is not fine to change your avatar.

    In the meantime you have an army of follower on Twitter too, I’d want to stay fully recognisable…

  5. Yeah I’ll keep my avatar. As you say, it is good to stay recognisable and it is the same avatar I use on Twitter.

    The background is coal black, not blue. I might add some icons to make it look less dead.

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