The Revolution Triumphant: Irish Hierarchy’s June Meeting, 1966

The following press release was issued by the Irish hierarchy following their meeting at St. Patrick’s Maynooth on the 21st-22nd June, 1966:


The Second Vatican Council has called for the development of Catholic University facilities, especially in the sphere of philosophy and theology, in order to show the harmony of Christian teaching with true human culture and scientific development, and to provide all priests, religious and laity with the fullest opportunity of Christian formation.

The Irish bishops at their June meeting have had under consideration how this development could be secured in this country, and propose to develop Maynooth as an open centre of higher studies, and to extend its facilities and courses so as to meet the requirements, not merely of priests, diocesan and regular, but also of brothers, nuns and laity.

They have appointed a committee to advise them on the best means of implementing this proposal.


Pending the promulgation by the Holy See of a Directory on Ecumenism, which will be followed by an Irish National Directory, the bishops at their meeting in Maynooth have made the following provisions regarding the relations between Catholics and our separated Christian brethren.

For considerations of friendship, Catholics may attend:

(1) the baptisms of non-Catholics;

(2) the marriages of non-Catholics, at which they may act as bestman or bridesmaid;

(3) the funerals of non-Catholics.

Mixed marriages may take place in a Catholic Church, before the altar with the usual rites and blessings. Mass may be permitted.

These provisions will be followed in due course by further provisions in the National Directory.


It was also decided to use the vernacular in the funeral service, in a number of sacraments in which it is not already in use, Confirmation and Orders, and in a number of other ceremonies. These changes will probably be introduced on the First Sunday in Advent; in the meantime the necessary translations are being prepared.

The Catholic edition of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible was also approved for use in the liturgy.


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