The Revolution Triumphant: Irish Hierarchy’s June Meeting, 1965

The following press release was issued by the Irish hierarchy following their meeting at St. Patrick’s Maynooth on the 22nd-23rd June, 1965:

Among the matters discussed were:


In addition to proposals for more extensive use of the vernacular, draft texts of the “Prayer of the Faithful” and of the funeral service also were considered, and were referred to the Episcopal Liturgical Commission for revision.

A number of decisions also were taken to ensure the proper formation of the students of Maynooth in the doctrine and principles of the Constitution on the Liturgy. A Professor of Sacred Liturgy has been appointed and will pursue special studies at a liturgical institute before taking up his duties.

Liturgical actions in the college are to be carried out in conformity with the new liturgical norms. One of the oratories in the college is to be remodelled with an altar facing the congregation in order to familiarise the students with the new structure of the ceremonies.


It was decided by arrangement with the Catholic Truth Society of Ireland that a Communications Centre will be built for training in the use of modern techniques of mass communication, particularly radio and television. The centre’s facilites will include a fully equipped training studio as well as a library and offices. Building is expected to begin in the autumn.


It was decided to set up a National Council for the Apostolate of the Laity, consisting mainly of lay representatives, and a draft constitution of such a body was considered. It is hoped that the definite form of the constitution will be arrived at shortly after the promulgation of the decree of the Vatican Council on the Apostolate of the Laity.


The bishops had before them a number of detailed reports on the questions of religious instruction in post-primary schools. A new programme, embodying an integrated five-year course, is to be drawn on the basis of these reports. The question of religious instruction in schools generally is under review.


The Episcopal Commission on Emigration presented a report on the care of Irish emigrants. A number of important recommendations made by Irish priests working among our emigrants in Britain are to be implemented.


A reorganisation and extension of the structure of Episcopal Commissions within the Irish hierarchy was decided upon, and a number of new commissions were set up. As a result of these decisions there are now eight Episcopal Commissions in addition to the standing committee, namely Commissions for liturgy, university education, post-primary education, primary education, communications media, religious, ecumenism and emigration. It is proposed to set up other commissions at a future meeting.


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