Irish Hierarchy’s Statement on Proselytism in Ireland

The following statement was issued in 1925 by the Irish hierarchy at their June meeting in St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth:

We are of the opinion that the Catholic public generally are not aware of the extent to which proselytism is carried on in this country, especially in large centres such as Dublin. It is no exaggeration to say that within recent years thousands of children, born of Catholic parents, have been robbed of their inheritance, the faith, owing to the nefarious activities of the proselytisers, who, well equipped with funds, seek their victims among the poor and the fallen.

In combatting this appalling evil the ‘Catholic Protection and Rescue Society’ (30 South Anne Street, Dublin) has been doing excellent work. It has saved hundreds of children and others from the clutches of the proselytiser. But it is sadly handicapped for want of funds.

The children whose faith is threatened come from every part of Ireland. Unmarried mothers who wish to hide their shame fly to the big centres of population. They and their offspring are eagerly sought out by the proselytising agencies, and only too often their children are sent to the ‘Birds’ Nests’. If our people throughout the country would only contribute to this Society even a small proportion of what they spend upon sports and pastimes, the shameless system of proselytism could be stamped out in a very short time.

We, therefore, bespeak a generous response to this appeal which will be made by the collectors of the Catholic Protection and Rescue Society. Catholics of Ireland, remember the issues involved! It is nothing less than the faith of thousands of helpless ones of our kith and kin.

Signed on behalf of the archbishops and bishops of Ireland.

Chairman —

Archbishop of Armagh.

Secretaries —

Bishop of Cloyne.

Bishop of Galway.


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