Ord an Aifrinn, 1965

click above to read in full (pdf)

Many thanks to commenter jaykay for sending me this. (The English language counterpart can be read here.)

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  1. Go raibh maith agat as ucht é seo a chur ar fáil ar an idirlíon. Thanks for making this available on the internet.

    This was the Mass being used when I was ordained in December 1967. As I recall, the interim English lectionary in Ireland used the RSV (the English-language Jerusalem Bible was published in 1966 and wasn’t yet being used in the liturgy). However, Bishop Lucey of Cork had his diocese use the American interim lectionary, which used the Confraternity Bible, an American revision of the Douay-Rheims.

    I’m not sure what Irish-language version was used. Only parts of Bíobla Mhaigh Nuad had been translated by then. It was published in its entirety in 1981 but An Leicseanáir for what we now call the Ordinary Form drew on Bíobla Mhaigh Nuad, most of which had been already translated and published as separate books.

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