Architecture and the Liturgy: A Frightening Insight into Post-Conciliar Iconoclasm

Note: This pamphlet was published in 1967 and is posted here for historical reasons only. Readers disposed to high blood pressure are advised to refrain from reading it.


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  1. What a fascinating read! Thanks for sharing. Gives great food for thought and understanding of where we are now re renovation v wreckovation!


  2. Thanks Brian. Glad you liked it; it made me feel a bit ill.

  3. Likely, the architect of my parish used this document as a guide…. that dreaded angular horizontalism.

  4. Eric Gill designed a church for “Mass-in-the-round” in the 1930’s: he said he was spearheading a “revolution” I think.

    I think Le Corbusier was invited to design modernistic churhes too.

    A huge shout of joy went up when the Lourdes underground Basilica was opened in the 1960’s – I visited it in 1965 and was frightened.

    The building illustrated in the pamphlet represents the worst type of “Brutalist” architecture, and its designer would have been, imho, more appropriately employed in erecting police stations in Tel Aviv.

  5. Depressing reading. For more on this subject, it’s worth looking at Michael Rose’s Ugly as SIn:

    For a personal view on the destruction of our Catholic heritage, where I use architecture more metaphorically, have a look at

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