Moses: The Man of God


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  1. Dear Shane and Lux,

    This superb Old Testament series is a real boon for Catholics who are seriously endeavouring to understand the truths of Sacred Scripture. The great Capuchin, Father Felix has written an important series of pamphlets on the Bible for the benefit of educated Catholics and those others who are interested in this fascinating topic. It must be stressed that, though these pamphlets are of an earlier generation of Catholic scholars, NOTHING has been discovered since his day that would undermine the philosophical and theological foundations upon which Father Felix drew his conclusions. A strong case can be made, and IS being made by ‘conservative’ Catholic and Evangelical Bible scholars, that archeological and other studies, since his time, have only reinforced the reliability and integrity of the Biblical record.

    If you still have the original, you might want to redo this one as the PDF images (and therefore the sentences) are truncated on the right hand side. It just makes it a little difficult to read properly.

    God Bless!
    (Br) Patrick

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