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  1. A bit lax, eh?

  2. Yeah, he was never known for his fluffy liberalism.

  3. Wasn’t yer man gas craic altogether? I haven’t had as good a chuckle in ages! Many thanks for this post. It makes modern Lent so much more bearable.

  4. “The catholic party is obliged in conscience prudently to strive for the conversion of the non-catholic party.” Y’see, this is an example of the done deal mentality of the church of Rome. Behind all the ostensible “agreements”, smiles, handshakes, etc. the fact is that the decision has already been made and will be adhered to come what may. And the thinking will never change while this organisation is dominated by bachelors. The monolithic, authoritarian organisation, with its concepts of infallibility, magisterium and supposed superiority above anything else (e.g., Dominus Iesus) render it a very forbidding and unattractive entity. The arrogance is breathtaking! I wonder how other Irish catholics, the reformed ones of the Irish Church, would fare under this regime? From me it’s a NO!

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