Eamon de Valera’s Christmas Message, 1936

From the excellent Irish Election Literature Blog

Click here to listen.

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  1. @Shane

    Thanks for your greeting (on The Brendan Voyage) and likewise to you and yours.

    I miss the old Studies blog. It was informative and a lot of fun joshing Fergus.

    You have done a fantastic job here scanning all the old CTS pamphlets. I recognise a number of them from my youth. I will be reading up on some of them for old times sake.

    I wonder did you ever come across one called “Handy Answers”? It was like the questions ones you have but it had a short and a long answer to each question. My favourite was the answer to “One religion is as good as another” and it involved a Sheik, a jockey and some bathwater. Hilarious. Can’t find my old copy.

  2. Pól, thanks for the comment. I also miss Fergus’ blog. He’s a very intelligent man and the discussions we all had there were great. Hopefully he’ll start it up again in the future.

    I can’t remember a booklet called “Handy Answers” but from what you tell me it certainly sounds interesting! I’ll have a look in my collection at home and see what I can find.

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