The Red Terror

by Rev. Michael C. Burke, 1930

No persecution in Russia!
Who doth give vent to such guile?
Words of our saintly Pope Pius
Scorned in Erin’s Green Isle.
Christ’s Earthly Vicar doth mourn
Victims of Russia’s Red Rule.
List we in silence to falsehoods
Spread from the Communist School?

Rome has exposed to the world
Soviet campaign against God,
Mourning the loss of her children
Martyred on Communist sod.
Pius narrated in detail
Deeds of the murderous band
Jesus expelled from Russia,
Satan to reign in the land.

Sacrilege, murder, destruction,
Death to the pestilent priest,
Woe to the practising Papist,
Hunger! While Communists feast.
Children no longer may offer
Prayer to the Father above;
Mothers are warned not to utter
Words of the Saviour of Love.

Such are the facts of the Terror
Raging in Russia to-day,
Such is the fate of all Christians —
Satan’s dark agents hold sway.
Who, then, in Catholic Ireland
Dares to spread Communist dope?
Who, in pursing such falsehoods,
Dares to give lie to the Pope?


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