Homely Counsels to Help the Wives, Mothers and Daughters of Ireland

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  1. This is a beautiful booklet, Shane. Rather amusingly curious in some details, but filled with an ancient wisdom so much superior to the stupidity of our days.

    I wonder whence do you have all those booklet, the library of some ancestors or did you perhaps get your hands on a collection in a market?


  2. Mundabor, from a few different sources. They’re invaluable for Traditionalist Catholics because almost all were written prior to Vatican II, but they also have a historical significance quite independent of their religious character. Whatever you do, make sure to read Archbishop McQuaid’s pamphlet on education ( and apologies if it’s a bit unclear, I’m not at home and will re-scan it when I’m back at the weekend)

  3. This is a truly fantastic collection Shane, not merely for it’s historical value, and its religious value but also for the insight if offers to a very specific view of the world. You really deserve credit for the trouble putting it online (and having scanned no end of documents I sympathize, though I know this is a labour of love).

  4. Thanks very much WbS. Of course that world is long dead – but, as goes for the Left Archive, I always think it’s nice to personally read the primary source documents for yourself rather than relying on the interpretations of historians, all with opinions of their own. Very few people nowadays have access to these documents, history can be very elitist.

    The CTSI in their heyday published over 2000 pamphlets and distributed (or so they claim) over 60million. After you were finished reading a pamphlet you were supposed to leave them in a public place or on a bus or a train for others to read. Whatever its agenda, it was certainly a very impressive propaganda machine.

  5. Shane,
    what you do is truly beautiful. I thought you might have everything in the family but if you go around looking for them you deserve a monument and a crown of doctor in Paradise 😉

    I have already read the booklet about the education of the young mothers and girls. Absolutely beautiful. I will write a line or two about both.

    This one here is important not because the booklet be so special (in my eyes, it isn’t), but because there are a lot legends about this “usury” thing and it is good to set the record straight.


  6. “After you were finished reading a pamphlet you were supposed to leave them in a public place or on a bus or a train for others to read”.

    A true propaganda machine.. 😉

    Today you’d be supposed to not leave it around, lest you offend the feelings of fellows non-Catholics…


  7. Apologies, the one of *this* thread is the booklet about the wives and the girls 😉

    The other oen I meant is obviously the one about usury.


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