A Priest and Protestants


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  1. I have just read this beautifully clear pamphlet, after seeing your reference to it on Damian’s blog. It is amazing that even though it was printed so many decades ago, the truth of its Catholic message is as true now as it was then, and ever will be. (The Author points this out too!) Can the Protestant “churches” say the same? I don’t think so if one looks at the diverse changes in their varied creeds since it was written.
    Blessed Cardinal Newman’s words on the “beauty of the Catholic Church” when he was still an Anglican are beautiful; “Would that thy creed were sound…….” etc.
    And I loved this Protestant poet’s quote on Our Blessed Lady; Mary is God’s handiwork, “our tainted nature’s solitary boost.”

    There is much material here in this booklet to guide us Catholics in helping our confused and searching Protestant friends. Thank you Shane.

  2. Sorry, “our tainted nature’s solitary boast” ….. (not boost!)

  3. Kathleen, very much agree. Thanks for your comments. What I found really telling is the lectures on Catholicism for non-Catholics. That’s a good idea and one which could be taken up again.

  4. Dear Lux,

    Fr Robert Nash has done great service in his time by writing so many classic pamphlets.
    As Kathleen earlier noted, this is a real bonanza, clear. beautifully written and a real evangelising outreach to our Protestant friends.
    Shane you have done a great service in making gems like this more available.

    Anyone who needs this pamphlet in an HTML format can obtain it at

    It is also available in PDF (text only) format at

    http://www.pamphlets.org.au/ is now displaying 714 different pamphlets!

    Deo Gratias.
    God Bless!
    (Br) Patrick

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