Galway’s Religious Festival (1924)

The Annual Procession of the Blessed Eucharist at St. Mary’s College click here to watch


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  1. Very interesting, Shane.

    The sheer quantity of the people is impressive, but I was also surprised at seeing that the people kneel when the procession passes by. I remember a couple of big processions in Italy in former years (big patron saint processions who stopped the village life, absolutely everyone out), but no such kneeling.


  2. Interesting observation re the kneeling. It’s a shame that processions have fallen into abeyance. You should see the difference between those organized by the Archdiocese of Paris and the Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet parish (SSPX). Incredible.

  3. It is already a surprise to me to know that the Archdiocese of Parish organises processions ;), but I know what you mean.. 😉

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