The Maynooth Catechism (1951)

The Maynooth Catechism was approved by the Irish hierarchy in 1951, and was specially intended for teaching primary-school children, who were required to memorize each prescribed answer by rote.


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  1. Ha! This is the catechism I learned at school! And I still have my original copy — it’s still very useful for answering my grandson’s questions!

    Great blog, Shane. It’s delightful to see all these old CTS pamphlets reproduced.

    God be with the days when nearly every church had a bookshelf well stocked with them, for perusing or purchasing!

    Please keep up the good work.

    • Mimi, M. Callaghan is not well and has no copies. Would it be possible to photocopy yours and send to me? I have just come across this page!!!!!

  2. Mimi, thanks for your kind comment.

    It’s good to hear of the old Catechism still being put to use. The Alive-O syllabus is a poor replacement.

  3. Do the Schools in Ireland use the Catechism?

    We have the A-live O in Scotland,and what I have seen of those books ,reminds me of something out a mickey mouse comic,full of silly pictures and quotations. The course completely misses the point on major issues in our Catholic faith.

    Well done Ireland if this Catechism book is what you are using in schools,send some this way!

    • I wish I could get a copy and I wish also that it was brought into the national schools once more. It would mean, if taught, that we would have vocations again when the people get the true teaching of Jesus Christ. – In this Godless Ireland

  4. Chris, sadly it went out after Vatican II. As with Scotland, Irish schools use the Alive-O syllabus. And yes, it is a disaster. No wonder people today are so religiously ignorant.

  5. Anyone out there with a copy to sell?

  6. Pat, try Veritas on North Abbey Street in Dublin.

  7. Hi Shane, do you know who wrote it? Was it Monsignor Cremin?

  8. Hi Elderberry. To be honest I don’t know. I will have to do some research on that.

  9. Is this the Catechism which had a green cover and which we were obliged to learn off by heart? Where might one buy a copy now for nostalgic reasons? anyone?

  10. This one is likely just the same as The Baltimore Catechism.It is still in print, and you can get it online.A good way to start teaching young children with Traditional Catechist materials is with St.Joseph F,H.C Catechism,then later progress to Baltimore 1,2,3 and I think there is a fourth? (High school level) It is a considerable good route to follow in lessons,but helped when backed up with Saints stories and biography and some Scripture.A good structure and one that was often followed in the past.Sadly abandoned and replaced by poor Catechist materials. However from what I hear mistakes have been learned and they are going back to proper Catechist material in the U.K,but nothing like we had in the past.


    Another nice Catechism teaching lesson is in Catholic Art,always inspires Children to think deeply about the Faith.Helps deepen their faith and helps if you have a big group to teach.

    (The way things are going here in Scotland, I would not be surprised one bit if some idiot screams “offensive “at us studying our religious Art… ) And they will likely go on to ban Galleries from displaying Religious Art in public!)



  11. where is the Maynooth Catechism available? I had a Catechism with Irish and English and stories about St Patrick and the Saints BUT SADLY IT WENT MISSING. Anna

  12. You can get a copy of this from The Catechism, 71 Shanganagh Grove,Shankill, Co Dublin (Mrs M Callanan)

    • Please let me know how I can get this copy. Some time back I phoned her and she was not well and also she had no catechisms. Did she get more? I would just love to get a copy.Anna Brady Farragh BJD co Cavan

  13. how can I get in contact with the lady?

  14. Please let me know how i can get a copy,,,it brings back so many happy memories of my national schooling in the 1950s in Dublin.I presently live in the Philippines with my Philippina wife and if would be of great help to me in answering questions here from the local school children who are not thaught relegion in school as a subject.I hope you can help me in this quest.
    Yours sincerly
    Tony sweetman

  15. Wanting to get a copy of the Maynooth Catechism for sometime now. Came across this page and it’s great to see that so many people still appreciate it. Learning off by rote was a great way to instill the faith and it has been my saving grace right up until today. I have been living now for many years in Croatia and would like to try and get a copy for me to teach my grandchildren. Any suggestions?

  16. where can I get hold of a copy(or PDF etc?) of the PRE 1951 Maynooth Catechism used in Irish schools in the 30s & 40s, please?

  17. How to get a copy? Simply double click the cover at the top of this post. Brings back memories…good and bad!

  18. I know we should not ignore the miraculous out of hand- especially at this time of year(!) but I think children of the 30’s&40’s being taught from a 1951 edition is a bit much! ;-). If someone DOES find an earlier copy or a PDF, etc, then I am still keen to investigate… But Thanks for you time, Tom Bryson, Anyhoo

    • Any luck with a Catechism used BEFORE 1951? I would be very interested – if any were available.

      Anna Brady 086 2228 7788

  19. where can i get a copy

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