Brendan O’Neill: “The Tuam Tank: Another Myth about Evil Ireland”

This is a good article by the Irish atheist libertarian Marxist Brendan O’Neill on the Tuam mother-and-baby home.

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  1. I love the old tracts you have. But Irish Catholicism is a little too weird for me. Why do you have a different type of cross than the rest of us do. I say all this even though I have Irish ancestors, the Grandfield and the Seftons

  2. BTW you got quoted in Timothy Stanley’s article, Shane

  3. RTE journalist Philip Boucher Hayes has new anecdotal evidence that the babies weren’t buried in a septic tank

    Also here’s a good article by David Quinn:

    A Protestant columnist in the Irish Examiner Victoria White complains that the deaths of Protestant babies in Bethany Home has received far less attention from the media

    She had a good article recently warning against demonising Catholic religious

  4. This Article is a joke

    He says ‘Its amazing how many”… then he only gives two examples really apart from the Septic Tank – Letterfrack and the Magdalene Investigation.

    He describes the Magdalene Investigation, the “McAleese Report” as an “exhaustive report”. This is just plain misleading. The Report has been criticised in very strong terms by the UN Committee for Torture which said that it was incomplete and not properly conducted, and that it did not give proper regard to the accounts of survivors. Apologists for the Catholic Church often try to cite the McAleese Report when trying to say that actually the Church hasn’t done much wrong. They rarely mention the criticism of it as incomplete, or mention the Ryan Report which found “endemic” physical and sexual abuse of children in homes run by Catholic Orders. I note also that this article by Brendan O’Neill does not mention criticism of the McAleese Report, and does not mention the Ryan Report. A bit of an oversight in an Article of this nature.

    In any case, as Corless has said, the salient issue is not whether all or some of the 796 dead children from Tuam are in a septic tank, but whether the infant mortality rate in Tuam and other homes was irregularly high (in Bessborough at one point it was 50% due to a voluntarily low standard of care being provided). I look forward to the results of the investigation in this matter.

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